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Dear Fashion Divas

Welcome. Of course you have come to this part of the website.The part of the website where you learn about fashion style and trends Read below to find out what I have to say about  fashion style and trends.

*Don't follow all trends but follow the ones you like not the ones the popular crowd likes.

*Don't follow trends set them.

*Style comes from the inside

*Comfortable and cute is the best fashion.

What's in Style?

As always jeans are in style

Boots are cute and comfortable

Sweatshirts / jackets for fall


Wierd color nail polish like purple, green,silver, or dark blue.

Cute-N-Comfortable and Cheap.
For Cute-N-Comfortable and Cheap.try:

*JC Penney

I hope this helped you all reading this figure out your new look for school ,hanging out with friends, and more!!!!!

TweenRock's Owner

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