Welcome to TweenRock Hang out for tweens.This part of the website is were you write about sad but funny moments in your life like your pants falling down or you falling down.Then anyone on the site reads them and votes on your Fail stories.

Or you can read theirs and vote.Your name might be changed to save you from telling your fail stories to anyone you might know like yur whole school!

Now share your fail HERE:
"I was picked last to be on the team."
Mary P.

I forgot to put my homework in my backpack and I left my backpack at home so I had no homework in a bad way.NP

"I forgot my shoes when my mom dropped me off at school."  gb
I folded my spelling homework and put it in my pocket then by mistake later used it as a tissue. Jaime N.

I spilled all my lunch over my new white dress I wore for the talent show that happens after lunch and no one was at home.Mary R.

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